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Rate includes cruise fare including lodging, meals, most beverages, taxes/fees/port charges. Single supplement 200%. Inquire about 3rd/4th passengers, suites or other upgrades.
List first/last name(s) of who needs to register for the CE course at sea.
If applicable. You can apply for later or during cruise.
It is strongly advised and recommended to arrive to Fort Lauderdale at least 24 hours in advance - by 4/21. This avoids same-day flight delays, cancellations or disruptions that could affect your cruise embarkation. If you miss the embarkation, you must arrange private transportation to meet the cruise at it's next port, causing unknown costs and fees. We may offer a pre-cruise hotel stay and meet-up event in FLL the night of 4/21. Would you like more information about this at the appropriate time?
Pre-Cruise Flight & Hotel Recommendation
Please note any preferences or amenities you desire including hotel brand loyalties, bedding configuration or anything else of a personal vacation preference.

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