The Reason Behind Like Minded Travels

People crave authentic community + People love to travel together = Like Minded Travels

So maybe it's not that easy of an explanation but it's close.  In this ever-connected digital age we live in, eyes glued to screens and personas wrapped up in our little "online worlds"  it's easy to get distracted and feel disengaged meaningfully from one another.  

With the explosive growth of social media communities over the past 10 years, we're all involved in various like-minded people groups based on our hobbies, interests, topics, etc.  We engage there often; listening to podcasts, reading the new Kindle version from our favorite author, watching that YouTube sensation, logging into the webinar, liking, commenting, posting and otherwise involving ourselves in these online communities.  But at the end of the day, we still long for meaningful, personal interaction.  It's human nature. 

At the same time - especially post "Great Recession" and housing fiasco - there's a real trend to stop collecting "stuff" and rather start collecting memories with those we identify with and love.  People of all age categories place travel as the #1 item they choose to spend their discretionary income on.  Developing deep relationships and memories together through travel is a strong, rising trend that's affecting generations for the better. 

Jump In To Learn About Like Minded Travels

Like Minded Travels was born out of these realities.  Founder Chris Niemeyer is a travel industry veteran who loves travel and is a "people person".  He founded in 2006 as a way to connect humanitarian and mission groups around the world and offer travel savings along the way.  That growing travel company is thriving as people give of their time and money to help others around the world.  

Through the years, referrals would come in constantly about other types of travel.  One by one, Niemeyer and team started putting together cruise group conferences, all-inclusive resort getaways and other group travel tours for like-mined communities.  The clients were as vast and varied as can be imagined - from New York Times best-selling authors, musicians, reunion groups, business coach masterminds, and more.  They all had one thing in common - a leader with an audience who wanted to travel together.  

We've traveled with these groups and seen the amazing time they have together.  From the initial "I can't believe I'm meeting you in person" to the friends or leader they've followed for years to the "I'll never forget doing 'X' with you as long as I live."  (Our favorite - spotting small sharks together while snorkeling.)  Memories are made, bonds are formed and people are drawn together in unforgettable ways.  

We look forward to sharing more with you soon and creating a group travel event for your community that's worth remembering and sharing.