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Our referral program helps you earn money for a simple introduction

Do you know an influencer, leader, brand or popular figure with a following?  Think they’d like to earn more money, strengthen their fan base and travel for free? Want to earn a nice referral check if they book?   

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Referral opportunities:

Once your referral books with Like Minded Travels you can expect the following:

$250 for minimum 100 room nights (Example: 5 nights of 20 cabins/rooms)

$500 for minimum 200 room nights (7 nights of 30 cabins/rooms)

$1,000 for minimum 500 room nights (5 nights of 100 cabins/rooms)


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Like Minded Travels partners with & supports popular brands, authors, podcasters, bloggers & leaders to create fun travel events for their fans.  Organizing online communities “offline” for a meaningful travel experience is our specialty at Like Minded Travels. We’ve arrange group cruise conferences, seminars at all-inclusive resorts, private tours with leading experts and their fans and much more. People crave community. These online leaders benefit greatly when getting to know their audience face to face.

We want to give you the opportunity to earn referral money simply by introducing us to your friends.  Know some social media stars, business leaders or others with a sizeable following of fans?  Introduce them to Like Minded Travels so they can strengthen their audience while leading them on a group travel experience traveling for free and getting paid to do so!


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